Best-in-Class ERP,SCM,CRM Solution

GST Ready on Mobile, Desktop, LAN, WAN and Cloud

Comprehensive GST Ready ERP,SCP and CRM Solution

ERP, SCM, CRM and Network Design using mixed integer programming in Visual C++ using cloud technology with Windows Desktop App.

Business Transformation

Use Latest Advances in Information, Mathematical and Analytic Technology (AI-ML) to transform your business‚Äč

Scalable Solution

Whether your turnover is 1 lakh or 1 Lakh crore (that's right 1 trillion) on single instance.

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Future is Digital

Advances in information technology, analytics and artificial intelligene and machine learning is going to revolutionise business. We are keen to assist you in taking advantage of these opportunities which will simplify your business helping you to focus on what is most critical.

Our Vision

Enterprise Value Maximisation. Develoing solutions across the spectrum of Indian Industry including mixed integer optimising solutions for largest businesses in India, strengthened our convictions that best in class business solutions has to evolve from transaction processing and reporting solutions to solutions for enterprise value maximisation. And so we decided to take challenging task of creating such solution under single codebase.Thus our solution was wholly re-written in its 5 th version under single code base with following design goals in 2003. The solution is developed incorporating our knowledge acquired during study of Chartered and Cost Accountancy, experience in information systems of iconic companies, our experience in implementing solutions for fast growing companies on UNIX, and optimising solutions for largest businesses in India. And we are committed to incorporate latest advances in information technology, mathematical programming, analytics and artificial intelligence with machine learning into our solution to assist you in enterprise value maximization across industries.


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About KamatSoft

KamatSoft is trademark of Kamat Information Systems Pvt Ltd which promoted by Girish Narayan Kamat and Sharada Girish Kamat who are founder directors of the company

Girish Kamat is Gold Medalist Cost Accountant and top ranking Chartered Accountant (10th in India) and with 10 years of experience in corporate management with Hindustan Lever Limited and Larsen & Toubro Limited and as Director of fast growing business group. He is also passionate C++ programmer having personally written more than million lines of high performance code. He has 25 years of experience in Information Technology with very high level of hands of experience of designing and developing solutions in C++ on both Unix and Windows Platform. This combination allows KamatSoft to provide cutting edge solutions to needs of some of the most respected Indian corporates capitalizing on all round experience.

Sharada Kamat is Commerce Graduate with Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. She is passionate about making latest advances in information technology available to smallest organisation to help them to scale up and manage their business efficiently.Kamatsoft eValueMax v10.0 Essentials which uses SQLite database integrated in our application for small footprint is result of her passion.

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