Develoing solutions across the spectrum of Indian Industry including mixed integer optimising solutions for largest businesses in India, strengthened our convictions that best in class business solutions has to evolve from transaction processing and reporting solutions to solutions for enterprise value maximisation. And so we decided to take challenging task of creating such solution under single codebase.Thus our solution was wholly re-written in its 5 th version under single code base with following design goals in 2003. The solution was developed incorporating our knowledge acquired during training  of Chartered and Cost Accountancy which promoter topped, experience in information systems of iconic companies, our experience in implementing solutions for fast growing companies on UNIX, and optimising solutions for largest businesses in India.

Fully featured integrated business solution in modules

Kamatsoft eValueMax v10.1 has now 38 module with 98 lakh lines of code. So we have full fledged ERP, SCM, CRM using same code base which can be accessed through common interface. However being built in modules you can have those modules which adds most value to your business whether you are in manufacturing, professionals, service sector, trading, distribution or retail or diversified company operating in many of these sectors.

Access From Anywhere

Developed in Visual C++ with n-tier architecture and Features rich Native Windows Client or mobile apps for reports using Http/s interface that drives internet, even basic solution running on entry level notebook can be accessed from anywhere in the world giving real time data to the users from anywhere in the world.

Highest Scalability at Lowest Cost

We wanted our solution to be scalable to support largest business in the world. We did not believe that customer has to migrate to new solution simply because our solution would not scale up. To achieve this we divided our application into presentation layer, application layer and database layer focussing on first two. We kept database fully configurable with support for SQLite, SQL Server and Oracle depending on your needs.

Fully Configurable

We know that software development is suspectible to bugs. To we wanted to make our solution configurable so that software development required for customising solution is kept to minimum.

Latest advances in information technology,mathematical & statistical programming, internal control, performance metric

There is rapid changes taking place in fields in information technology with multi-core CPUs which allows extensive multi-threading, we are able to take mathematical programming and statistical programming for providing high level intelligent (include AI) in our application.  We are also able to provide high level of internal control and performance metrics to provide state of the art solution which can help in value maximisation.

Ease of Use with Shortest Learning Curve

There is rapid changes taking place in fields in information technology in terms of hardware and networking. Operating systems are providing capabilities for better user interfaces. Instead of selecting HTML which is typical interface for cloud, we decided to build our own Windows app developed in C++ making Windows API calls which will provide rich capabilities of the operating systems. All reports are also available on Mobile.


After 14 years of relentless efforts we can proudly claim that we have achieved these goals thereby KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 in Best-in-Class Business Solution which will keep on improving everyday. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are next frontier which will make KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 more productive for you working towards ultimiate goal of holistic Enterprise value Maximisation.

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