Girish N Kamat

What is CRM

CRM is acronym of Customer Relationship Management. It is technology solution for managing your company’s relationship with customers and potential customers. Customers are reason for existence,continuity and longetivity of the business. CRM  works towards improving business relationship with the customer to create delighted customer by connecting customers, streamlining processes there  by working for increasing profitability …

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What is SCM

SCM is acronym of Supply Chain Management. At fundamental level Supply Chain Management is management of flow of goods and services from procurement of raw materials, production at various stages and movement of intermediates to the delivery of products at final destination to satisfy customer demand. A great Supply ChainManagement has to be customer-centric ensuring that customer is …

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What is ERP

Is ERP a Misnomer Let us know what do you think ERP is acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning, integrated software for managing all the resources of the business for planning, recording and control by digitizing the business processes. In simple words ERP stands for modular software that help business manage every function of business from …

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