Why KamatSoft is Looking for Partners

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is highly scalable solution which can meet challenging needs of emerging world which can be used by companies ranging with turnover of 1 lakh to 1 lakh crore. SCM solutions of KamatSoft can be scaled up to  needs of largest company in the world. Developed in Visual C++ combining best of web server, database technology, mathematical programming and artificial intelligence for value maximization of the enterprise.   We know that with committed partner ecosystem we can help every customer irrespective of size to become best run business which for us maximising enterprise value with superior customer service and service all stakeholders of the business with superior efficiency and intelligent use of information. But we know that we can not do it alone. Only when we join forces with  partners like yours we can deliver on the promiset of enterprise value maximisation by creating intelligent enterprise  that can help to run world better.

Why its best time to become KamatSoft Partner

KamatSoft eValuemax 10.1 is comprehensive solution addressing all the business needs of the companies in comprehensive manner. Developed in Visual C++ https based communication technology that drives cloud today in 2002. Company soon recognised that web browsers are far indequate to provide great user experience and therefore the company developed Windows App interfacing with Windows API on client. So company today has robust and proven product which would be used for enterprise value maximisation which best run businesses strive for. So this cloud driven technology (which can run on entry level windows notebook and scaled to multiple application and database servers for ultimate scalability) with full use of artificial intelligence and mathematical programming can provide strong backbone for profitable growth to every enterprise. As KamatSoft Partner you can be agent of that change.

Enterprise value maximising business can start as small and emerge as global business being efficient user of capital. They digitise their businesses and use full power of technology to empower employees, suppliers and other stake holders. They provide best in class customer service meeting customer expectations proactively and efficiently. In the process they build new business add new revenue streams. Going beyond ERP, KamatSoft Value Chain planner part of its SCM solutions and CRM with increasing use of artificial intelligence ensures that  our customers invent new business models and revenue streams.

Implement Solutions

KamatSoft eValueMax implementation partners are consultants or systems integrators (SIs) that provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation of KamatSoft solutions. 

Build Solutions

Ideal for partners such as OEMs, independent software vendors (ISVs), and application developers that build solutions on top of, or integrate with, KamatSoft  technology and platforms. Ready to design, innovate, and market your solutions?

Sell Solutions

Typically for resellers and value-added resellers (VARs) that resell, implement, and support customers in the cloud and on premise. You can own the entire customer lifecycle, or collaborate with other partners or KamatSoft.

Run Solutions

As an outsourcing or hosting partner, you can offer KamatSoft solutions to customers through a private or public cloud. Add your own intellectual property or enhance cloud solutions from KamatSoft eValueMax with your own industry or line-of-business expertise

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