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Entry Level Notebok/Desktop

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 essentials edition can work on entry level 32 bit notebook/desktop with powerful SQL server 2014, 32 bit edition as database server and IIS server working as Web Server with which KamatSoft EvalueMax Essention 32 bit edition can work typically for single user application. Though this version is 32 bit application database maintained by the system is same as KamatSoft eValuemax v10.1 enterprise version and user can upgrade to 64 bit version anytime with conversion to 64 bit database available in the solution itself.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

For typical multi-user with 4-5 users, you would require 64 Bit basic Desktop/Notebook with at least 2 GB memory running on Windows 7/Windows 10 OS. The client users can use entry level notebooks/desktops. This is same version of KamatSoft eValueMax V 10.1 which can handle thousands of users.

Visual C++ on server and client

This high performance is possible on entry level/basic systems due to Visual C++ based Server and WIndows Desktop App accessing Windows APIs directly SQL Server Express edition (Free for commercial use) database ensures high level of stability for your data accessed using SQL Native connectivity.

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