GST Ready Comprehensive, Scalable and Robust ERP Solution

ERP stands for modular software that help business manage every function of business from procurement, inventory management, production,sales and marketing, human resource management and financials providing capability to manage every aspects of your business to improve visibility and actionable insights through out the business

KamatSoft eValueMax 10.1 is most comprehensive  ERP solution covering every aspect of your business whether you are small business or large. It uses most scalable web computing technology. It allows it to work fromentry level notebook to private/public clouds. Given the scalability you can focus on your business growth when solution takes care of your emerging computing needs at lowest cost.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 ERP Editions

Essentials Basic Edition

This is entry level edition which can comprehensive meet needs of small business in manufacturing, trading and service industry including professionals.

Essentials Team Edition

This is also entry level edition meant for SME business in trading, manufacturing and service idustry

Enterprise Edition

This edition is suitable for SME and Large companies in manufacturing, trading and service sector. This edition is essential for working with SCM solution of the company.
All the modules mentioned here are part of enterprise edition.

Comparision of KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 Edition

Detailed comparison of three ERP editions can help you decide which edition meets requirement in best possible manner.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 ERP Modules

KamatSoft eValueMax V10.1 has following ERP Modules divided into following categories.


Entities Module provide capability of updating masters in powerful interface which are used accross different modules

FInancials & Taxation

Financials and Controls provide modules for Advanced Accounting and taxation. KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 provides multi-currency, multi-division and multi-company accounts for full support for holding company and subsidiary accounts. It is divided into following modules:

Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution Module is comprehensive solution for your pre-sales and post sales activity beginning with enquiry to invoicing. It interfaces with financial module to handle receivables. It also interfaces with inventory module for dispatches. Module supports both domestic and export and captive sales.

Materials Management

Material Management covers all aspects of inventory management from purchasing to payment.

Production & Quality Assurance

Production module handles all aspects of production including production efficiency and quality assurance.

Human Capital Management & Payroll

Human Capital Management and payroll modules covers comprehensive Human Relationship Development Activity and payroll both for company employees and contract employees. It has following modules.

Projects & Fixed Assets

Project & Fixed Assets modules handle company’s projects activities and financial aspects like budgets. Fixed Assets module which can work independently tracks fixed assets of the company.


Control Modules Provide comprehensive solution for controlling operations of the company. Control has following modules.


KamatSoft eValueMax provide comprehensive tools for managing overall ERP. It offers following modules:

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