KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

One Nation One Business Solution



GST Ready Comprehensive,Scalable and Robust ERP, SCM, CRM solution.

 The solution is robust, proven and scalable design to handle turnover raning from 1 lakh to 1 lakh crore on commodity hardware (1/10 of Tier-I database with full functionality). By seamlessly integrating the supply chain components which were always targetted toward large corporates, KamatSoft Enterprise/7 ERP solution overcomes limitations of ERP for Enterprise Level Planning observed in the other ERP solutions which make them useful only as strong transaction processing engine.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is designed to handle turnover ranging from 1 lakh to 1 lakh crores on single instance. Presently to our knowledge there is no full blown ERP in India supporting that turnover and running on single database instance.>

For maximum scalability and performance KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is developed in Visual C++ 2015 with support for SQL Server and Oracle (using Oracle Call Interface) for maximum scalability as referred database. Both SQL Server and Oracle support both Windows and Linux platform for maximum scalability.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is rich in reports. Large number of reports are available both for record keeping,managing operations and control purposes.Many of these analytical reports presents good insight in the company’s operation.

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 modules covers critical areas of operations of the undertaking for planning, scheduling and execution and control. The modules are


  • Fianncial Accounts
  • Multi-Currency Financials
  • Advanced Financials
  • Banking &Fund Management
  • Audit & Taxation

Sales & Distribution

  • Customer Order Processing
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Care
  • Retail Chain Management
  • Retail Chain Analytics

Materials &Production Planning

  • Inventory Control
  • Project Inventory
  • Purchase Order System
  • Supplier Information
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Excise Formalities


  • Budgetary Control
  • Costing,Contribution & Profitability
  • Key Information System


  • House Keeping
  • External Interfaces
  • Consolidation
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