KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 provide fully feature Financial Accounting solution which can be fully configured to the requirements of company of any size. The solution interfaces with inventory control, customer order processing, payroll and other modules for real-time financial accounting. KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 has following features helping your business to get accurate picture of your financial position and guide to future course of action. Module provides full support to GST requirements including auto-generation of debit and credit notes for discounts and interest. It can also generate memo vouchers of interest debit notes.Ultimately financial accounting solution provides you internal and financial controls necessary for establishing competitive edge with ease of use.

  • Multi-Company

    KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 provides full support for multi-company accounts. Companies can be holding company and subsidiary companies. Companies can also share chart of accounts so that there is no need for updating accounts again and consolidation of accounts is possible.

  • Multi-Currency

    There can be any number of currencies defined with dynamic exchange rate which can be updated at whatever interval. Transactions in all these currencies would be converted to base currency. System would compute exchange gain/loss on every transactions at the time of receipt or payment and book the same to exchange difference account.

  • Multi-Division

    Even small company has multiple divisions are you want to know profitability. For large companies multiple divisions are indispensible for internal controls and monitoring performance for growth. Divisions can be based on requirements of the company. It can be plant or sales division or combination.

  • Standard and Userdefined Voucher Types

    KamatSoft supports standard voucher types like journal, purchase bills, sales invoice, cash and bank receipts, cash and bank payments.The user can control fields on these vouchers. User can also defined vouchers based on these vouchers for specific task.

Voucher Templates, Formats and Voucher Series

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 provides capability of template for configuring voucher type based on company requirement. It can specify voucher series for that voucher, voucher format for printing those vouchers and default fields on that voucher You can establish full internal controls by using these options like preventing update to past date, ensuring that voucher series is established across the voucher types, vouchers are updated on current date only. Of course in small firms with limited number of users these controls may override these controls.

  • Voucher Types

    Apart from defining properties you can also provide internal controls by blocking entries to previous period, past data, future periods, future data, voucher series compliance with over-rides for Admin and Incharge users. You can also specify fields like cost centre, tax description, upto 5 analysis fields, project, budget heads, consignment, link with other voucher, security (like shares/debentures) and all the GST related fields through special control known as tuple.

  • Voucher Series

    You can define multiple voucher series for every vouchers. For greater internal controls, user input may be restricted in predefined series to certain set of users. Voucher series can be alpha-numeric and can be defined annual, perpetual across final years, monthly or even daily.

  • Voucher Template

  • Voucher Format


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