KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounts

Robust Framework

Financial Accounts module of eValueMax v10.0, our Advanced ERP Solution provides robust framework for maintaining financial accounts as per India and Internation Accounting Standards and with strong internal controls.

Financial accounts interfaces with virtually ERP modules like inventory control,customer order processing,purchase order system where original vouchers may be generated and directly posted in the financial accounts based on the posting rules.

User defined chart of Accounts

Financial accounting supports user defined charts of accounts with user defined hierarchy.

Divisional Accounts

Full support for multiple division/unit accounting ensures division wise profitability is available on fly.Divisions can be profit centres or units like factories/branches or combination of both based on user defined hierarchy.

Cost Centres and User Defined Analysis Fields

Similarly additional support for analaysis in available at the level of cost centre and user defined analysis fields.

User Defined Vouchers

Apart from standard vouchers financial accounting system supports user defined vouchers.

Voucher Formats & Templates

User can define various formats for printings. Further tempaltes can be defined for defining multiple voucher series and required fields in the voucher.

General Ledger,Customer Ledger & Supplier Ledger

Though Ledger accounts are segregated into General Ledger,Customer Ledger and Supplier Ledger, the posting to the control accounts in general is in real time ensuring that up to date trial balance or profit and loss account is always available.

User can combined all the types of the accounts in the single voucher with facility of automatic with system taking care of appropriate entries in the control accounts. Similarly vouchers of multiple units can be combined in the single voucher.

On line Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement

User can generate on trial balance, profit & loss account and cash flow statement for the company and division. User can also post finished goods inventory through option available in inventory module to get uptodate profit and loss account and balance sheet at any time.

These statements also support integration of subsidiaries and group companies for consolidated profit & loss account and balance sheet.

User Defined Subsidiary Ledgers

Apart from customer and supplier ledgers, users can also define subsidiary ledgers for different entities for different purposes like loans, advances to employees etc with online update in the control acccounts in general ledger


Financial Accoiunting mdoule also provides full support for authorisation of vouchers as per client needs.

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