Financial and Controls provides comprehensive support to accounting, financial reporting and taxation needs of the company. Module can be used out of box to meet needs of small company but is fully configurable to handle needs of large multi-divisional multinational company without programming. Financials and Taxation has following modules:

Financial Accounts

Financial Accounts Module is fully configurable with support for multi-division, multi-currency accounts. Financial accounts can be maintained for multiple companies and also subsidiary companies sharing same chart of accounts.

Advanced Financials

Advanced financials support advanced reports combining financial and inventory data, consolidation of multi-company accounts, analysis fields captured on the financial vouchers and costing reports.

Banking & Fund Management

Banking Fund management provides capability for bank reconciliation, interest computation on loans and treasury management.

Goods & Service Tax

Goods and Services Tax module interfaces with other modules where relevant vouchers captures GST data to generate required reports It also support e-invoicing, QR code,e-Way Bills.


Taxation module captures TDS payable and receivable to generate relevant reports.

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