Visual C++ for both Server and Windows Client

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 has mutli-tier architecture consisting Application Server, Database Server (third party component) and Windows or Android Client. Client communicates with Application Server(s) (and never database server directly) with large part of processing taking on Application Server. However eValueMaxApp client is intelligent client doing some part of processing on the client itself. All these are coded in Visual C++ for maximum scalability.

Application Tier

Application Tier is written in Visual C++ accessing Internet Information Server(IIS) webserver in Windows desktop and Server editions using Internet Server API (ISAPI) for highest performance.  More than one application servers can be used for scalability working on the single database.

Database Tier

Microsoft SQL server is preferred database though application can also use Oracle Database using Oracle Call Interface for highest performance. Database can lie on the same server as application server or on separate server(or multiple servers). Application can interface with SQL Server running on Windows or Linux.

Client Application

Its client application developed in Visual C++ using Windows API is strongest point of eValueMax Architecture. So unlike html interface or even java interface cloud ERP’s offer, Windows Application offers maximum features available in Windows Architecture which makes KamatSoft Client pleasure to use. Client application communicates with application server using Http/s protocol even on the same machine offering maximum flexibility and scalability. So client can be anywhere with TCP/IP connection inside company or Wide Area Network or even on internet from any part of the world can access application natively without using any middle ware.

Mobile Interface

Mobile application on Android interfaces with KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 on server using same http/(s) interface. Presently all reports are available on mobile and user interface for input programs is being developed interfacing with same Application Server natively.

Max Scalability

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is possibly most scalable software which can work on entry level laptop costing Rs 10000  to  array of Application and Database servers with data stored on SAN network deriving its scalability from Internet Server API with multiple webservers servicing request on Single SQL Server database which may reside on multiple servers.

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

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