LAN with Entry Level Server

With N tier architecture KamatSoft eValueMax V10.1 is optimized of Local Area Network. For 10-20 users system can work on entry level Windows Server starting from 2008R2. Under this both Database and Application would be installed on same machine. Multi-threaded KamatSoft eValueMax Server application can work highly efficienty with IIS installed on the server

Scaling for Hundreds of Users

Scaling for hundreds of User would require higher end servers (still costing fraction of what Tier-I ERPs would require for same size of operations/users) wtih database and server applications  Windows Server  OS  running separate machines. Client can be entry level desktops or notebooks running on Windows desktop operating system,

Utlimate Scalability on LAN

KamatSoft eValueMax V10.1 architecture supports ultimate scalability on LAN using multiple application servers and SQL Server database running on Windows/Linux.These multiple application uses transaction isolation function of SQL Server for high performance reducing locking to minium without comprimising integrity.

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