Material Management modue provides comprehensive support for procurement of inventory, acquisition, issues and dispatches of raw materials, consummable and spare parts, work in process and finished goods (if required cartonwise). The module interfaces with financial module for payment to supplier for managing payables and supplier relationship and analysis of purchases.

Inventory Control

Inventory control module supports online realtime inventory for raw materials, stores-spare parts and consummables, work-in-progress and finished good with control reports.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management modules supports maintenance of packwise records with support for barcode based storage and dispatch..

Purchase Order System

Purchase order system provides support for purchase of goods including enquiries, quotation comparison, indents and purchase orders and interfaces with inventory control module for receipt of goods and financial module for receipt of services.

Supplier Relastionship Management

Supplier Relationship managment provide support payables, material wise purchases from suppliers, spend analysis.

Project Inventory

Project inventory provides project wise inventory (which can include fixed assets allotted to the project).

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