KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 Enterprise Edition


KamatSoft eValueMax 10.1 Enterprise Edition for Advanced ERP, SCM and CRM for maximising value of your business. Covering 38 modules the edition digitises every aspect of your business for realtime analysis of business, providing opportunities for profitable growth with optimization combined with artificial intellegence for better customer service resulting enterprise value maximisation. This edition can work with SCM edition of the company.


64 bit


32 bit, 64 Bit

Server Database

SQL Server Enterprise Edition, SQL Server Express Edition, SQL Server Standard Edition, SQL Server Web Edition


Advanced Financials, Banking & Fund Management, Budgetary Control, Costing Contribution and Profitability, Customer Analytics, Customer Order Processing, Employee Relationship Management, Entities, Financial Accounting, Goods & Services Tax, Inventory Control, Payroll, Point of Sales, Project Inventory, Purchase Order System, Retail Chain Analytics, Supplier Relationship Management, Taxation, Warehouse Management

Concurrent Users

Depends on Licenses

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