KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is highly scalable solution which can meet challenging needs of emerging world which can be used by companies ranging with turnover of 1 lakh to 1 lakh crore. SCM solutions of KamatSoft can be scaled up to needs of largest company in the world. Developed in Visual C++ combining best of web server, database technology, mathematical programming and artificial intelligence for value maximization of the enterprise. We know that with committed partner ecosystem we can help every customer irrespective of size to become best run business which for us maximising enterprise value with superior customer service and service all stakeholders of the business with superior efficiency and intelligent use of information. But we know that we can not do it alone. Only when we join forces with partners like yours we can deliver on the promise of enterprise value maximisation by creating intelligent enterprise that can help to make world better

Developed for Cloud

KamatSoft eValuemax v1.0 is designed for cloud from inception. It has n-tier architecture with application server developed in C++ interfacing with IIS (windows webserver) using Internet Server API. The application interface with database SQL Server (which can rest on same server as application server) which communicates with client using Http/(s). Client itself with Windows Desktop app developed in C++ communicating with Windows API for feature-rich user-friendly interface. Communication between server and client is further compressed using LZMA algorithm there by reducing need for higher bandwith thereby saving on communication cost. You can always start with SQL server express edition and scale it to Enterprise edition as your business grows.

Attractive Proposal

You can always procure our solution on perpetual license basis as our customer. However as partner we can charge you monthly or hourly license for use of software based on licenses purchased by you which can keep you capital investment lower by paying as you grow. Solution can be hosted on private cloud (even hosting on your premises) or public cloud.

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