Supply Chain Management

Supply  Chain Management solution of KamatSoft eValuemax V10.1 is comprehensive solution for planning, exectution and monitoring of supply chain of the company. Solution cosists of four modules which share same codebase of main solution. However SCM modules can work with interface with other ERP systems like SAP.

Comprehensive Solution

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 is comprehensive supply solution for managing supply chain of maufacturing or trading company with following modules.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning solution can help in planning deman dusing demand estimation using various demand planning methiods, collaborative forecast by marketing persions or ultimate customrs.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning use value chain optimization using mixed integer programming (sophisticated mathematical programming) for holistic planning of total supply chain of the whole company in single run. Solution can be configured for EBITDA maximization consisten with highest level of customer service.

Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling solution of Kamatsoft eValueMax is highly sophisticated solution which combines mixed integer programming with combinatorial analaysis for minimising changeover costs and ensuring highest level of customer serivce for on time deliveries.

Material Scheduling

Interfacing with production scheduling in manufacturing setup and orders in trading set material scheduling scientfically fixes safety and other material levels using lead and cycle times to schedule material supporting production and sales.

Distribution Scheduling

For company which has large number of depots to service national demand distribution scheduling helps in planning and scheduling of the products to minimise system inventory without loss of opportinity to sale.

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