KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1

One Nation One Business Solution


Maximise Enterprise Value

Whether you are planning to scale up your business without disruptions or matured business interested in running very efficient operations, KamatSoft eValueMax v10.0 is designed to enhance your enterprise value in scalable manner. It not only goes beyond mere accounting, invoicing solution but incorporates latest advances in information, mathematical and analytic technology (including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). Specifically KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 with its 38 modules maps critical processes of your business for  efficient operations and improved customer service. This is achieved by:

Real Time Visibility

Provide visibility across the company in the key areas of operations on real time basis with special emphasis on stocks and debtors across the supply chain for improved control

Operational & Financial Controls

Effective operational, financial and cost controls for supporting operational efficiencies.

Optimize Your Business

Optimize your business using mixed integer programming, schedule your production using mixed integer programming with combinatorial allowance, distribution scheduling with hub and spoke method and material scheduling using stochastics.

Elevated Customer Relationship

Customer relationship management, customer service and analytics to provide unparalleled customer service for sustainable competitive advantage.

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