Built for Wide Area Network

KamatSoft eValueMax v10.1 was originally built for Wide Area Network much before cloud became buzz word. Its built on Http protocal which drives world wide web. There is separation of application server and client to keep communication between client and server to the minimum.

Windows Native App

And unlike browser or Java, Application uses Native Windows App developed in Visual C++ making calls to Windows API to develop innovative user friendly interface working on the app pleasant experience.

Application Server API (ISAPI) based Server App

Visual C++ based high performance server interfaces with IIS server using Internet Server API(ISAPI) for high performance and scalability. Multiple web servers  So server can reside on premises where there are large number of users on premises equally large number of users can access the software on Wide Area Network using leased lines and private VPN.

Secured Access over Internet

Your users can diverse places can access company network throught internet if leased lines are not possible. In such case company can use separate webserver which would be outside firewall interfacing with database server inside firewall. The data security is ensured since windows client would never make direct calls to database server and all calls would be routed through application server.

LZMA based compression for communication between client and server.

Communication between server and client is compressed using highly efficient LZMA based algorithm which reduces network traffic by 80 per cent. So you can use 2 mbps client in place of 10mbps saving networkign costs.

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